Advanced Filtration Technologies for the Healthcare Industry.

Specializing in products for the respiratory therapy market, CPAP and Oxygen markets
as well as membrane technology for humidification devices.
CPAP filters

Filtration Technologies

UltraFlow™ Microfiber Glass Filter Media

UltraFlow™ takes advantage of the latest glass nanofiber technology and proprietary binders to offer the lowest flow resistance HEPA and ULPA glass filtration media on the market. Years of research have led to the development of ultra high efficiencies along with low pressure drops for the most demanding applications. Lower flow resistance means less wear on equipment such as air compressors for oxygen concentrators and ventilators. When it comes to breathing circuits, lower resistance means lower stress on patients. A sophisticated matrix of glass nanofibers produces a high surface area-to-volume ratio. This optimized matrix of fibers yields maximum air flow, efficiencies, as well as loading capacities.

Electro-Med™ Electrostatically Charged Filter Media Electro-Med™ is an advanced formulation of polypropylene fibers combined with proprietary polymeric fibers that produce an electrostatic charge. The relatively large pore structure of Electro-Med™ provides high flow rates and high efficiencies relative to the amount of surface area in a given filter. Various media grades are available for different applications so as to be able to tailor the efficiencies and flow rates per the application.

Applications for Electro-Med™
• Breathing Circuit/Respiratory Filters
• CPAP Filtration
• Respirators

Nonwoven Media

Exceleron Medical manufactures a variety of nonwovens for a wide range of air filtration applications. Various thicknesses and colors are available. Typical applications include CPAP Machine OEMs.