Advanced Filtration Technologies for the Healthcare Industry.

Specializing in products for the respiratory therapy market, CPAP and Oxygen markets
as well as membrane technology for humidification devices.
CPAP filters

About Us

Exceleron Medical offers advanced filtration and separation technology and manufacturing solutions to the healthcare market, primarily for medical gases including oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines and ventilators. We also manufacture technologies for liquid filtration and separations applications.

We have developed advanced microfiber technology for HEPA and ULPA filtration where flow rates and pressure drops are critical. Our advanced microfibers provide for higher dirt holding capacity in addition to lower pressure drops, while at the same time, offering higher air flow rates. This is critical to the performance of pneumatically operated equipment such as air compressors and ventilators or blower powered equipment such as CPAP machines. Our Electro-Med™ electrostatic charged filter media also has been designed for high efficiencies where BFE/VFE (bacterial and viral filtration) is critical. Electro-Med™ is more advanced than conventional electrostatically charged filter media and typically performs with higher flow rates and efficiencies per given density per square meter. Advanced automation capabilities are also part of our offering for higher volume products. Learn more about our filtration technologies...

Rapid Customization Capabilities
Exceleron Medical specializes in customizing our filtration media into different configurations depending upon size, housing materials required, colors, flow rates, efficiencies, fitting sizes, chemical compatibility, etc. Our experienced design engineers will work directly with our customers to determine the exact requirements of any given application. From there, SLA prototypes can be manufactured for testing and aesthetic evaluation. Once prototypes are approved, production tooling and manufacturing can be completed and validated within just a short period of time.

Exceleron is a unique manufacturer with unique capabilities with over 9,000 custom part numbers and growing. We would be pleased to add you to our growing list of happy customers!