Advanced Filtration Technologies for the Healthcare Industry.

Specializing in products for the respiratory therapy market, CPAP and Oxygen markets
as well as membrane technology for humidification devices.
CPAP filters

CPAP Filters & Supplies

CPAP filters are one of our staple technologies. Drawing upon our advanced ElectroMed electrostatic charged filter media, we have developed some of the most high performing CPAP filters in the industry. We have tested our filters for flow rates and efficiencies against the OEM's and the test results demonstrate that our filters meet or exceed OEM performance specifications. In addition to the ultrafine filters utilizing advanced fiber technology, we have also developed foam and fibrous pollen filters for every CPAP machine on the market.


CPAP Tubing

Exceleron Medical offers CPAP tubing in a variety of lengths ranging from 18" to 10' long. The ergonomic cuffs are designed so that the user can easily install and remove CPAP tubing with ease. Durable, flexible construction eliminates kinking and extends the life of the CPAP tubing.